The “4 C’s” of Health Insurance


Many experts recommend that you evaluate health insurance plans along four areas of concern.



The Current State of Health Insurance


The ACA (Obamacare) is imploding under it’s own weight and it eventually will be repealed or replaced.

A major blow to the law is the elimination of the tax penalty starting in 2019.

There is currently strong demand for more affordable alternatives that can be purchased all year long.

We offer the biggest selection of health plans for people looking for alternatives to Obamacare.


What Options Are Available to You?


Defined Benefit Plans

Guaranteed renewable health insurance plans that pay

“defined” benefits for specific medical services.


Our best plan features:   

No Deductibles   

No Co-Insurance  

No Pre-Authorization


Plan Highlights Include:

$5 Million Lifetime Maximum

Use any Doctor or Hospital you choose

TelaDoc and ScriptSave Rx Card included

Up to $6,750 per day for inpatient charges

3 times the Medicare schedule for surgery

$100 for doctor’s visits / $125 for an annual check-up!


Reduce or Eliminate out-of-pocket expense with

PPO Network Provider

Claims Remediation Service


Healthshare Plans

An organization that facilitates the sharing of health care costs among its members who have common religious or ethical beliefs


Healthcare plans for individuals and families

Comprehensive plans with no underwriting

Provides an exemption from ACA tax penalty

Pays level commissions for the life of the plan

Full portfolio of individual and group plans

Available in most states nationwide


STM Bridge Plans


Major Medical Plans With a Termination Date


Offers comprehensive major-medical type coverage for a limited duration

•We currently have plans that offer up to 12 months of continuous coverage

This type of plan gives clients an option to “bridge” themselves to the next Open Enrollment Period,%22sort%22:%22asc%22%7D