Value Of An Agent

USA Benefits Group agents have the knowledge and expertise to help you with your insurance needs. Our agents are independent insurance consultants and they are licensed in the states where they conduct business.

Our agents are health and life experts who:

   Know the market – USA Benefits Group agents do not just represent one insurance company. Our agents will help you:

   Know the law

   Know the industry

USA Benefits Group Independent agents work for you--not any one insurance company. This ensures that you are their top priority!

Questions and Concerns You May Have

Why should I use an insurance agent, and will it cost me anything?

First of all, there is NO COST to you to have an insurance agent work for you!

With HealthCare Reform and the implosion of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) there have been dramatic changes in the insurance marketplace making the insurance agents role increasingly important to individuals and businesses in finding cost-saving measures and coverage options.
They provide insurance products while educating and advising you on how to manage risk and make informed insurance choices. Agents are highly trained insurance professionals who will guide you through the complex task of choosing appropriate coverage at an affordable cost and are dedicated to serving the long-term interests of consumers.

How does an agent get compensated? What is his/her incentive to give me superior service?

Insurance agents have strong financial and professional incentives to give their clients a lifetime of quality products and service. They are independent agents who represent many companies. Most agents are compensated on a commission basis - a percentage of the premiums you pay your insurance company. The agents’ loyalty and compensation rests with you, the consumer. Regardless of the method of compensation, agents have strong incentives to place consumers with strong, financially stable carriers and provide superior service on an ongoing basis.

What should I expect from a professional insurance agent, and how can I evaluate my current one?

An agent will guide you through the complex task of choosing appropriate coverage at an affordable cost. The following is what you should expect from a professional insurance agent. Use this checklist to evaluate your current advisor. Your professional insurance agent should:

  1. Work with you to evaluate your needs for insurance coverage.
  2. Explain the details of different insurance plans.
  3. Make specific recommendations to suit your special needs and budget.
  4. Review your plans periodically to update coverage and limit costs.

I’m nervous about buying insurance online, should I do this?

The only time you should purchase insurance online is with the assistance of a duly licensed insurance professional which is what you will find at USA Benefits Group.  Our agency has been in business since 1988 and we have been selling insurance online since 2002. We provide the tools necessary for our agents to web-conference with you online, allowing you to see real time information on the company, the insurance benefits and pricing right on your own computer while talking to you on the phone. 

How does a professional insurance agent stay current with the numerous plans and changes in today's marketplace?

As mentioned above, USA Benefits Group, and the insurance companies we represent, provide extensive product training on a monthly basis. In addition, Insurance agents are licensed and regulated by state insurance departments. Prospective agents receive training regarding insurance and applicable laws before taking a qualifying exam for licensing. The majority of states now require continuing education to maintain license status.

We hope you have found this information to be helpful and Thank You for considering USA Benefits Group and our agents as your insurance specialist!